A Taste of Sichuan

A new style of food hall brings Chinese street food to Baldwin Village

Gokui pizza, healthier Boba, and mini bites of Chengdu-style street food await foodies at Bold Food Hub, a new food mecca at 5 Baldwin Street. The multi-concept Chinese food centre is a far-cry from spare ribs and moo-shoo pork, in the best possible way.

Maybe the most intriguing of the three is Three Kingdoms Pizza. The pizza restaurant has more than 5,000 locations worldwide and serves Guokui – a large hand-held, stuffed flatbread pizza that’s both chewy and crispy. Three Kingdoms has multiple pizza flavours, including BBQ mushroom, pork and vegetable, and spicy beef. The face-sized pizzas are well-known in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and elsewhere in the world, but are a first for the GTA.

But you can’t stop at pizza when you visit Bold Food Hub. You’ll need to wash away your carb sins, and Fortune Tea is there to help with a less sugary version of Boba tea. Fortune Tea’s drinks claim to have less sugar and more real tea than most artificially-flavoured Boba tea options and can be topped with the restaurant’s handmade whipped cream.

Post-tea can only mean more food, which will inevitably lead you to A Bite of Sichuan and its bite-sized snacks meant for sharing (or excessive snacking). With more than 500 locations in China, A Bite of Sichuan is a well-oiled machine that aims to deliver Sichuan street food to the GTA. Braised Quail Eggs, Spicy Dried Wonton, Langya Spicy Fries, Sichuan Crispy Pork, and Mom’s Best Pig’s Trotter’s Soup are some of the dishes you can add to your Signature Nine Dishes platter.

A Bit of Sichuan Bold Food Hubs
A Bite of Sichuan on Instagram.

Bold Food Hubs is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The food is available for delivery through Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Facedrive or dine-in, perfect for relaxing and absorbing the custom artwork and colourful decor.