Gen Z is loving these shorts trends so here’s where to find them in Toronto

The season of shorts of all kinds has finally arrived, and while anything you’ve got hanging in your closet will do, there are a few styles in particular that will give your looks a 2024 edge. Try these mega trends to elevate your Toronto street style this summer.

Micro shorts

Also known as mini shorts, short shorts or booty shorts, micro shorts are everywhere this season. The 2024 version is more lacy bloomers, sporty three stripes, boxers (like these ones at Style Artist) and pleated trouser style rather than the 2013-era tight denim variety. It’s all about contrast, so try pairing your mini shorts with tall boots, voluminous linen blouses or long vests for some interesting shapes. With this trend, your outfit can be dictated by the style of shorts you choose — a crochet pair may have you leaning into an Audrey Hepburn-inspired look, while a denim pair could mean leaning Western for the day. While it’s true that micro shorts could leave you a little out of your comfort zone, treating them as a more comfortable alternative to a mini skirt will open you up to a world of possibilities — even carried into the fall, where the runways have favoured a pair of tights layered underneath,

Bermuda shorts

It really is all about contrast — because while super short shorts are reigning so are super long ones! The bermuda short is arguably more wearable than its micro cousin, and it comes in all varieties: long jorts (like these ones at Kotn), or denim shorts, are particularly popular especially with a wider fit, but there’s also khaki, cargo, pinstripe and more. Bermuda shorts are also much more office-friendly; wear a pleated version (like these ones at Frank and Oak) and style them the way you would normally style trousers (try an oversized button-up or vest). The gen Z styling choice of the hour definitely leans more low-slung and slouchy paired with a taller shoe, which will handily take you right into fall. 


This spring trend has soared into summer, and it’s an ideal transitional weather choice for evening barbecues, bonfires or boat parties. Choose ’90s-inspired cropped leggings (like these ones at Alo Yoga),  a Kendall Jenner fave, for versatility — pair with a longline vest or draped tank for an elegant twist or a striped button-up for a casual look. If you opt for a wide or straight leg, style them as if you’re wearing a cropped pant; the width at the bottom can be nicely balanced out by a simple tank or played up with a billowy blouse.