Immersive Monet exhibit opening in Toronto this summer

A new Monet exhibit is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this summer. The Beyond Monet exhibition will span 50,000 square feet to allow for social distancing and requires viewers to purchase timed tickets in advance.

Beyond Monet will be a fully immersive experience that includes music, scenography, and sound effects.

“This exhibition is beyond anything you’ve seen. It is a truly multi-sensory immersive experience that offers guests a dreamlike romantic journey through Monet’s world of masterpieces,” says Jeffrey Latimer, Producing Partner, JL Entertainment.

The Beyond Monet exhibit joins other immersive art exhibits in the city such as the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit at 1 Yonge St. (temporarily closed due to city-wide COVID-19 measures).

Immersive art exhibits allow the public to explore art outside of a museum environment in a new and interactive way and have become immensely popular.

The Immersive Van Gogh exhibit, which includes both a walk-through and drive-in option, has spread to other parts of North America including Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Nashville. Many museums have been attempting to connect with audiences through virtual exhibits, but immersive experiences bring art to a new level.

One dollar of every Beyond Monet ticket purchased will go towards a Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Fellowship. The goal of the BIPOC Fellowship is to project the creative voices and vision of the BIPOC community in Canada and abroad.

“We know that the arts can be an important catalyst for change. We are excited that Jeffrey and his team have seen fit to use this Monet immersive art experience to support our desire to a seed a legacy for institutional change in arts and culture sector across Canada,” says BIPOC Fellowship co-founder Karen Carter.

There’s no specific date for the Beyond Monet exhibit opening, but organizers expect to launch this summer (pending pandemic restrictions). Pre-sale tickets can be purchased online.

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