6 Toronto-based brands your skin will love this summer

Finding the perfect cleanser and moisturizer can already be difficult enough. Never mind all of the additional products that you can add to your routine for clearer, glowing skin. As it turns out, Toronto is a breeding ground for some of the beauty industry’s premier brands. Ranging from small, indie brands to powerhouse companies which have blown up on TikTok in Toronto and internationally, here are six killer skincare brands from the 6ix.


Started in Toronto, jELN is a skincare brand which focuses heavily on natural beauty and positive energy. The owner and founder’s name is Crystal and she grew up in a Caribbean household, where she developed a strong passion for natural herbs and medicine along with gentle healing. jELN puts emphasis on its use of natural ingredients which produce nourishment and rejuvenation for the skin. All of her products contain ingredients that we can all pronounce, which is great for those who are looking to really understand what’s going on in their skincare! Right now, her Love Body Butter is a must-try for those with a busy schedule.

Pure + Simple 

Pure + Simple is a natural wellness and skincare spa which has locations all across the GTA. Along with being a destination for tranquility, they offer their own line of premium, natural skincare products for all to enjoy at home and within the spa. Pure + Simple says that all of their products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, phthalates, sulphates, or synthetic fragrances and dyes, so if you’re someone who’s sensitive to any of these ingredients, give this brand a try. There are currently over 100 products for sale under their house brand, with the most popular being Sensitive Cleansing Milk and Collagen Elastin Plus serum.


The umbrella name of Deciem may not ring a bell, but one of its constituents might. The Ordinary has blown up across social media for its relatively low prices, paired with its great results and quality ingredients. It can be found online through Sephora and other boutiques, among a standalone Deciem location in the Distillery District. The brand focuses on advanced, functional beauty. They believe their products should serve a specific purpose and be great at that particular task – meaning you’ll find serums under $20 that feature individual star ingredients. One of their best-selling products on Sephora is their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum.

Consonant Skincare

Consonant Skincare believes that you should feel relieved from your regimen and that your regimen shouldn’t be too regimented, to begin with. The team at this Toronto skincare brand develops products for those who need skincare for specific applications. Live a busy, hectic life? They have an all-in-one item for you. Care to spend three hours a day on your skin? They have you covered too. Their website is broken down into specific categories such as acne, aging, redness and dryness. Once you select a category, you’ll be brought to a page full of great products that be paired together to combat whatever you want!


From toners and cleansers to moisturizers and serums, Wildcraft makes sure all of its products are 100 per cent natural. Each product is made in small batches and is designed with fresh and organic ingredients. By producing in small batches, Wildcraft can also ensure that their high-quality formulas are spot-on every single time. On their website, there is an intuitive how-to guide which aims to help clients select the exact products they need based on their skin types. Their most popular products are their skin type-devoted sets which contain everything a beginner needs.

Three Ships

Starting in Connie’s apartment, Connie Lo and Laura Burget founded Three Ships with the sole purpose of solving the issues that they had previously had as consumers. Since its start in 2017, Three Ships have been developing effective products which are tested for eight to 12 months before they’re launched to the public. All of their products are made up of entirely plant-derived ingredients too. Three Ships is well known for its serums, although the Dew Drops Mushroom Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum and Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalane Day Cream sit at the top.

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