Toronto's best pancake parlours

Toronto’s best pancake parlours

No matter how you like your pancakes, it’s one of those meals you really can’t go wrong with, and that’s what makes them the perfect way to start your day. Whether you add fruits, load them up in maple syrup and cinnamon, or enjoy them the good ol’ fashioned plain way, they’re just sugary enough to keep you awake and moving all day long.

Check out these Toronto pancake parlours that will have you jumping out of bed and eager to start your day.

Fuwa Fuwa

Fuwa Fuwa pancakes
Fuwa Fuwa on Instagram

The name for this eatery in English is “fluffy fluffy” and one bite of their Japanese-style pancakes will tell you exactly why. Fuwa Fuwa is North America’s largest souffle pancake café, and might just be one of the best. Their creations are soft, airy and combine elements of a traditional pancakes with a souffle pancake, making a one-of-a-kind texture. Customers can select a signature fruit option for toppings or choose something more inventive like tiramisu, crème brulee, blueberry and cheese, matcha red bean, cookies & crème, or Nutella banana.

Emma’s Country Kitchen

This all-day brunch spot has it all, but one of the menu favourites is the cinnamon bun pancake. Caramelized brown sugar, butter and cinnamon work together to compliment these buttermilk pancakes, which are then topped with a touch of whipped brown butter and maple syrup. The sugar is enough to keep your heart pumping all day long. For something a little tamer, Emma offers classic buttermilk pancakes, banana pancakes with walnuts and toffee, and the Elvis pancake stuffed with walnuts, toffee, chocolate chips, and house-cured bacon.

Sunny Morning

This GTA breakfast and lunch chain now has four locations to serve up the best in brunch fare. Sunny Morning prioritizes using fresh and local ingredients to make all their dishes, which is why these pancakes are so irresistible. On the menu, customers will find the Sweet Dreams pancakes, made with fresh strawberries, banana, and toasted almonds, and drizzled with Nutella, and Freddy’s Caramel Pancakes which are topped with banana slices and pecans. The stack wouldn’t be complete without Sunny Morning’s own sweet Milk Caramel glazed over top.

Good Fork

Good Fork Pancakes
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Good Fork offers the real good stuff. While this restaurant focuses on Middle Eastern cuisine for dinner, their breakfasts offer a traditional fare but with original twists. The “apply apple” pancake comes loaded with caramelized apples, cinnamon date swirls, and saffron custard. The stack is then sprinkled with a warm Hockley Valley maple syrup and crème anglaise. If that’s not inventive enough, The Good Fork’s “blueberry halva” version is cooked with orange blossom ricotta, lemony blueberry and halva crumble, then drizzled in maple syrup.


Egg might be in its name, but this brunch spot has a full menu of breakfast items that extend beyond eggs. On the pancake menu, customers can choose something sweet, like the strawberry and cream cheese or cinnamon banana offerings, or something rich and crunchy like the biscoff lotus or pistachio pancake. These stacks not only taste good, but they sure do look good as well, making Eggstatic the best spot for some Instagram-worthy brunch pics.