Toronto's best boxed chocolates

Toronto’s best boxed chocolates

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means chocolate! Or, for some people, celebrating the connection you have with that extra special person in your life. But, also chocolate. Whether you’re celebrating with your soulmate, enjoying a Galentine’s with your BFFs or spending the night with Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams and a box of tissues, you’ll definitely need an assorted box of chocolate by your side.

Toronto has no shortage of delicious chocolate shops to get you stocked up for Valentine’s Day, but we’ve curated a list of our favourites to get you started!

Soma Chocolatemaker

Soma Chocolatemaker boxed chocolates
Soma Chocolatemaker’s mint chocolate.

Toronto’s favourite sweet tooth satisfier offers gift box suitable for anyone, no matter what kind of sweet tooth your special someone has. The boxes offered by Soma Chocolatemaker comes wrapped in a forest-print box and with an assortment from bars to toffee, you never know what you might get! For Valentine’s Day, Soma Chocolate is offering a Love Box which comes with the limited edition Wild At Heart, a hand-sized truffle filled with hazelnut praline, wild Amarena Cherries and Amaretti Chocolates. We would not blame you if you practiced self-love this year and bought one to share with nobody but yourself.

The Chocolate Moose

This North York shop offers a wide selection of decadent chocolates in bouquets, platters, and gift boxes. The gift boxes range in size from 4-piece to 36-piece, with an assortment of dairy truffle flavours including Butterscotch, Maple, Mint, Black Forest Peanut, and plenty more. The Chocolate Moose even offers pareve platters and boxes, meaning these chocolates make the perfect gift for anyone—including yourself.

Ambiance Chocolat

Boxed chocolates Ambiance Chocolat
Ambiance Chocolat boxed chocolates.

You know this chocolate is always fresh because this chocolatier makes their small batches in house every day. Ambiance Chocolat, located in Mount Pleasant, handcrafts their sweet treats in careful detail using only fair and local ingredients. The assortment of chocolate comes in an elegant keepsake gold, brown or blue box, and wrapped in a delicate bow. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Ambiance Chocolat offers a 36-piece Red Heart box that’s sure to capture anyone’s heart.

Chocolat de Kat

At Chocolat de Kat, chocolate is more than a snack; it’s an art form. The best part about these chocolate gift boxes is that you have the choice to customize them any way you want. And the options are almost endless. Enjoy favourites like salted caramel or hazelnut praline, or get creative and try a chocolate you can’t get anywhere else, like the cherry cheesecake, champagne, or crème brulee. The customizable options at Chocolat de Kat means you can get a box as unique and special as your Valentine, and show just how well you know them.

Chocolate by Wickerhead

Who wouldn’t want to buy chocolate from a storefront that looks like a chocolate bar? This shop, located in The Beaches, sells Belgian chocolates that are made in house and are perfect for sharing with your BFFs, or for indulging on your own while taking a bath. Prefer milk to dark chocolate? Or, alcohol over nutty treats? At Chocolate by Wickerhead, you can choose your preference for how you want your box filled. The Heart in a Box is a perfect Valentine’s Day present with a keepsake decorative box that anyone will love.