The best vintage stores in Toronto

The best vintage stores in Toronto

The best vintage stores in Toronto are where you go to find those holy grail wardrobe pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a long-time Toronto thrifter or new to the secondhand game, it can be difficult to figure out where to go in the city to source those gems. 

When vintage shopping, you want affordable prices, a range of styles, and a guarantee that you’ll walk away with something special. These 10 vintage stores hit all the marks. 

Siberia Vintage 


The brightly-coloured exterior of this Bloorcourt vintage shop can’t be missed. The eclectic assortment of women’s clothing is curated by shop owner Stacey Collrin, who is also behind Odd Finds General Store in Bloordale. Pieces from the ’60s-’90s include everything from funky shoes, denim, button ups and blouses and knits and accessories. But it goes without saying that the shop’s standout offering is a collection of vintage dresses, which the store’s employees will often give you a preview of on Instagram stories. Attend a party in a Siberia Vintage dress, and your friends will assume that you’re the lucky recipient of a well-cared for heirloom.

Public Butter 


This boutique vintage shop in Parkdale comes from the same owners as the iconic Black Market, first founded in 1980. Public Butter sets itself apart by offering a more finely curated selection of staple pieces. Yet the collection is random in the best way, because you can enter without any objective and still leave with something entirely fabulous. Notably, Public Butter is a great place to shop for leather jackets, denim jackets, fur jackets, military-style wear, combat boots and budget friendly T-shirts.

Expo Vintage Outlet 


You’ve probably heard vintage sellers excitedly whispering about the bins at the Expo Vintage Outlet near Roncesvalles. Yes, it’s one of those places where you have to literally dig for clothes — which any vintage connoisseur will tell you, is a very fun time. Everything is sold by the pound unless otherwise stated so you can leave with a whole bundle of clothes for a very good price. It’s also a great place to hang out and meet people, since there’s a concrete skate ramp inside. This is also true of their retail location near Dundas West and Dufferin, which even has a liquor license. 

Pic Vintage 


The words that come to mind when thinking of this Dundas West shop are refined, modern, and stylish. Comparable imagery might be found in the film The Devil Wears Prada, which is to say that this is the place to go for everyday clothing that makes you look like you have your stuff together. You can shop a selection of gender-free designer and classic vintage, including sleek items like blazers, jackets, trench coats, sunglasses, handbags and purses, scarves and skirts — all curated by founder Vaismam Oliveira.

96 Tears Vintage


This Bloordale vintage boutique is one of those shops where everyone who works there is intimidatingly cool, and it makes you want to dress like them. It’s a beautiful store, decorated with antique furniture, art and vintage Playboys. The most affordable pieces greet you from a rack by the front door, and as you continue you’ll come across a mix of curated vintage and contemporary pieces by local designers, like Sapodillas and TAMS

Mama Loves You Vintage


This longtime Queen Street store was founded by mother-daughter team Mahro and Melo. It’s a warm and inviting space full of beautiful, feminine garments. There are plenty of special bohemian and retro pieces to be found here like Frye boots, prairie dresses, vintage nightgowns and incredible statement jackets. It’s no wonder maximalist fashion influencer Sara Camposarcone considers this one of her favourite Toronto vintage shops. This is also another shop that likes to model their clothes on Instagram (and you bet they sell fast this way). 

Exile Vintage 


There are plenty of vintage stores in Kensington Market, but if we had to recommend only one it would be Exile. The deceptively large store on Kensington also has a basement, so even when you think you’ve browsed everything the store has to offer, there’s more. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for general vintage staples like leather and denim jackets, jeans, long skirts, knits and silks. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for every essential item in a vintage lover’s wardrobe.

Good Juice Box Vintage

With a location in the east and in the west, this small but mighty vintage shop has you covered no matter where you live. With a curated selection picked by store staff (take a peek at the price tags while you shop and you might spot a cute note from them on anything special or notable about the item), prices here usually don’t get much higher than $45 and usually hover between $20-$40. While there aren’t racks to choose from for every category, staff pick wisely, so if you’re looking for something in particular you’re guaranteed to find a gem or two among the options here. This vintage shop is especially good for Y2K pieces, and also often features some true ’60s and ’90s finds in great condition.

Prime Rewind 


When it comes to true vintage streetwear shops, Prime Rewind takes the cake. The retail store is located in the west end near Lawrence and Keele. You can shop by style or themes like movies and tv shows, NASCAR racing and music and bands. If you’re looking for staples, you’ll be pleased by their extensive collection of cool T-shirts, varsity jackets, vintage windbreakers, jerseys and workwear. Prime Rewind is all about sustainability so when you’re done wearing a purchase, you can donate it back to them and get a discount on your next shop. 

Coffee and Clothing 


If you’re in the east end, this Leslieville vintage shop is one of the coziest, community-oriented vintage spaces in the city. After all, it’s both a coffee shop and a thrift store — many Torontonians will tell you that’s two of their favourite things in one place. To top it off, Coffee and Clothing offers in-store mending and garment repair services. Shop a cool collection of vintage sportswear, Levi’s denim, military coats and jackets curated by owners Jen and Matt. They’re also the founders of a new east end market, Hogtown Flea, which features, vintage clothes, art and tattoos.