The best patios in Rosedale

The best patios in Rosedale

As one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods, Rosedale might be known for its beautiful parks and picturesque ravines, but the culture and entertainment scene is just as enjoyable. Rosedale’s patios are some of the best in the city for catching up with a friend over a coffee or something a little boozier.

These are some of Rosedale’s best patios!


Terroni Rosedale
Terroni on Instagram

For some authentic Italian fare in the heart of Rosedale, the sleek rooftop patio at Terroni will have you feeling like you’re sipping drinks on a cloud. The tiled floor, paired with white benches and accent furniture, reflects the sunlight no matter how grey and rainy it is this spring. The fairy lights and city views make an envy-worthy backdrop for your next Instagram photo dump.


Sorrel Rosedale
Sorrel on Instagram

This patio may not seem like much with its streetside location, but, really, what’s more Parisian than that? Sorrel gives customers the best of a private and public space, with potted plants separating the patio from the road while hanging bulb lights and large canvas umbrellas bring a bit of light to the public street. Add a glass of rosé straight from the Cotes-de-Provence or an espresso martini and you won’t even feel like you’re in Toronto anymore!

The Rebel House

Rebel House
Rebel House on Instagram

The Rebel House is a Toronto favourite for a good ol’ Canadian pub. It’s the kind of place you go for one after-work pint with your best friend, and end up staying until last call. The enclosed walls and high fences create a small but quaint, familiar and cozy space for burgers, drinks and friends.

The Rosedale Diner

Rosedale Diner
Rosedale Diner on Instagram

Since 1978, this diner has been a staple Middle Eastern and Canadian restaurant in the Rosedale neighbourhood. Even though the building opens onto Yonge Street, you couldn’t tell from the quiet back patio. Decorated in their signature red chairs, Rosedale Diner’s patio is almost fully enclosed and has a heater, meaning it stays open rain or shine. This intimate patio is the perfect spot to get to know someone on a first date!

Pantry Rosedale

Pantry Rosedale
Pantry Rosedale

While Pantry is most popularly enjoyed as a to-go lunch hub, its large windows and minimalist but contemporary interior make it a warm space for enjoying a dine-in meal. But, for a breath of fresh air, Pantry’s covered patio creates a private area for a quiet morning coffee while watching the passers-by on their morning commutes.