The best bike shops in Toronto

The best bike shops in Toronto

With Toronto getting harder and harder to navigate by day, bikes can be the most feasible option when traveling through the city fast. Whether you’re a cycling newbies or biking pro, Toronto bike shops have everything you need, with high-quality machines at not-so-Toronto prices. We’ve rounded up the 10 best bike shops that will cater to your cycling needs, from repairs to parts replacements. 


Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop

Sweet Pete’s has been offering local cyclists bikes, parts and accessories for decades at their Bloor West location. They pride themselves on being one of Toronto’s best all-rounder shops, offering the sale of new bikes along with competitively priced repairs. They’ve expanded into the e-bike market, offering locals recognized brands like Trek, Giant and Kona with some new school technology.


Gears Bike Shop Toronto

Gears Bike Shop has been able to expand to three locations in Toronto, Burlington and Mississauga due to their attention to customer needs. Their website features a quick and easy-to-operate quiz that will pair you with specific bike models in minutes. They carry options from e-bikes and road bikes to urban bikes and mountain bikes. 

Curbside Cycle


This bike shop started nearly three decades ago on the side of the road. Literally, curb side. It began as a tent that would pop up in various neighbourhoods in Toronto in order to help a neglected part of the market. They helped city cyclists turn their bikes into the most compact and accessible versions of themselves. Today, they continue their pioneering of city culture, except in a bit more of an established area, on Bloor West.

Urbane Cyclist


Urbane Cyclist has two things in mind: lasting quality and durability. The shop focuses on selling prospective bike owners machines that will work well and do so for a long time. They’re not interested in fads or trends. Instead, they ensure clients are able to hop on top of a bike that fits their needs through and through, every single time. 

Bateman’s Bicycle Company


If you’re a total newbie in the world of bikes, Bateman’s is probably your first stop. The shop not only offers deals, but they also do bike rentals, financing options and helpful guides on how to shop for the necessities. They believe that buying and maintaining a bike should be a transparent experience. When shopping in-store, clients are shown every possible option, narrowed down to their desires and needs — and you can trust that they’ll never upsell you if they know you’re looking for a no-frills bike. The shop is most well-known for their mountain biking supplies, so you’ll be well-supported if you’re looking for equipment for rougher terrain rides. 

Fix Coffee + Bike


This bike shop plays on a few meanings of the word “fix.” Customers can come in to fix their bikes, all while getting their caffeine fix while they wait. Fix Coffee + Bike has created an inclusive community for those looking to support local and ethically developed brands. Their coffee is sourced from small-batch brands from all over the world, and the same can be said for their bike parts.



If you’re looking for a bike that you can ride just as comfortably as you can carry it, Revelo is the shop for you. They carry some of the most advanced folding bikes on the market. Their most popular bike is suitable for riders from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches, and will comfortably fit in the hands or hallway of most. The LIFT is available in four colours that will suit all of your summer outfits, and can fold up as fast as you can say Revelo. 

D’Ornella’s Bike Shop


D’Ornella’s is for the hardcore cyclist. Whether it’s street cycling for hundreds of kilometers or climbing all sorts of mountainous terrain, D’Ornella’s will ensure your trip is the best it can possibly be. If cycling is your life, or you want it to be, D’Ornella’s offers some of the most premium parts on the market — ranging from basic bike frames and shoes to electrolyte supplements and travel accessories.

Dismount Bike Shop


Dismount Bike Shop is another spot in the city that offers products intended for use in the depths of the forest. While they offer extensive bike parts and related products, they also serve as a one-stop shop for all of your adventure needs. Customers can find all the necessary equipment to go bikepacking, including baskets, racks and cockpits. If you plan on staying at your destination overnight, they also offer tents, sleeping bags and other wilderness apparel. 

Spokes and Sports


Another hybrid bike store, Spokes and Sports is still, first and foremost, a bike shop. They offer high-quality, premium bike goods for those looking to do just about any type of biking. They’re stocked up with accessories too, although they focus their time on what they believe are the necessities. And if you’re a multi-sport kind of Torontonian, the rest of their shop includes hockey equipment, curling gear and as of recently, frisbee golf apparel.