These are the best Nordic spas to visit across Ontario

The hustle and bustle of city life can drain our mental, physical and social battery. When I’m feeling drained, I find Nordic spas offer a great way to reboot. Steeped in Scandinavian tradition, hydrotherapy aims to strengthen the immune system, moving the body from hot to cold and purifying the body of toxins while soothing aches and pains.

In need of a wellness retreat? We rounded up our favourite Nordic spas all across Ontario.

A one-of-a-kind spa village

Thermëa Spa Village is a village in more than just the name. Set to open in Whitby in the next few months, this is the brand’s second location, with the first one in Winnipeg. Thermëa adapted the spa concept into something more — a wellness village. The spa’s central focus is thermotherapy, the Nordic tradition of alternating between hot and cold, with eight different saunas and cold pools, including an icy waterfall, to facilitate the process. You’ll also find steam baths, underground flotation pools, facial treatments, full-body massages and more — all of this within the state-of-the-art spa village.

A hydrotherapy haven

Vettä Nordic Spa at Horseshoe Valley in Ontario offers an authentic, Finnish hydrotherapy experience. Visitors can socialize with friends in the social zone or enjoy the serene atmosphere of the quiet zone — all while being surrounded by nature in the beautiful Horseshoe Valley.

At the core, this spa focuses on taking care of individuals’ overall well-being. To achieve this, Vettä not only incorporates spa practices that leverage peace and serenity with more social elements, but also places emphasis on cuisine. At the spa, there is a fine dining restaurant and bistro where patrons can indulge in deliciously prepared, fresh and locally sourced Finnish and Nordic cuisine.

An all-seasons treat

The expansive views of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve are what sets the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain apart from others.

As the seasons change, so does the experience. With a certified forest bathing trail, visitors can hike or cycle before their visit in the summer, spring and early fall months. In the winter, guests can enjoy a snowy soak in the outdoor baths while watching Blue Mountain skiers cruise down the slopes.

A cold therapy revolution

With an extrasensory facility, Toronto’s Othership invites guests to collectively explore and rediscover the senses through fire, ice and ether. The idea started as a combined ice bath, sauna and meditation side project from CEO Robbie Bent in his own backyard. Now, it has transformed into a physical space in the heart of the city offering a 50-person sauna, ice bath and tea room for the ideal hot + cold circuit. Othership also offers different experiences, including a themed social gathering featuring musical performances and different classes meant to help calm the mind, body and spirit, offering a decidedly social spin on the usually more individual atmospheres within other spas.