These are the best golf driving ranges in and around Toronto

One of the most popular hobbies (or is it a sport?) that you can take up over the summer is golf. Known as the Toronto Maple Leafs’ favourite summer activity, golf takes a keen eye and patience. 

If you need to practice either of those skills, Toronto and the GTA are home to plenty of driving ranges to help you perfect your craft. Here are eight driving ranges that will serve as your next training ground or a fun way to blow off some steam this summer.

Within Range


Within Range has two locations in the GTA — Thornhill and Burlington — and offers an expansive driving range experience. If you’re in need of the real deal, the range offers no gimmicks; there’s plenty of open space hit your targets in the greenery. For those looking to perfect their swing and learn a few stroke specifics, they have 27 TopTracer range bays. The virtual systems track the ball in flight and will mimic a full 18-round golf game all while you’re standing in an air-conditioned room.

Markham Dome 

If tunnel vision was an architectural concept, Markham Dome would embody this philosophy. The Dome offers golfers an indoor and outdoor experience, which is priced by time or by bucket depending on where you end up. The outdoor amenities include putting greens, chipping areas and a driving range ready to hold down your best attempt at beating Happy Gilmore in a drive-off. Inside, the dome is enclosed for a few hundred feet before opening itself up to the night sky, which is quite the view to be blasting golf balls at.

Metro Golf Dome

For those looking for a more independent experience, Metro Golf Dome in Toronto gives guests the chance to play without distractions. The two-storey space was rebuilt a few years ago, replacing its previous dome with a rigid structure that veteran golfers have become fond of. There are 46 driving stations spaced around the 53,000-square-foot dome. Metro Golf Dome often offers golfers discounts throughout the year, making it ideal for those looking to enter the sport in a cost-effective way. 

The Docks Driving Range


The Docks Driving Range can proudly boast the fact that they are the only outdoor driving range truly in Toronto. Downtown on Cherry Street, this driving range is outfitted with over 20 driving bays, a fully operational bar and a comfortable patio to take a break on. Beginner golfers, or those looking to excel a bit more, are able to book sessions with certified instructors at affordable rates. 

Paramount Golf

For those who don’t have the space for a man cave, Paramount Golf is giving you a taste of what it could be like. With three locations in Toronto, the totally indoor range has a slew of TopTracer bays capable of hosting a group of friends. Each group has its own space to play out some of the world’s most popular courses virtually, while the less golf-inclined friends can sit behind you on high chairs enjoying mixed drinks, beers and delicious food. After the round, check out Paramount’s extensive statistics display which will tell you information like launching angles, distance and the type of shot you played.



For those wanting a tech-savvy experience paired with natural ruggedness, iRange in Brampton is the place to be. The driving range boasts an automated ball distribution machine that places balls perfectly on the tee with every stroke. Focus on your swing and let the machine take care of the rest! iRange is also a social destination —  snack on sizzling chicken poutines, dripping jerk chicken tacos and a flurry of mixed cocktails for the perfect weekend activity with friends. 

Tracer Golf

If Black Mirror scares you, Tracer Golf might be a smidge too advanced for you. This driving range is located in North York and is 100 per cent automated. Bookings are made online, and the rest is in your hands. Equipment will turn on when your tee time starts, followed by automated ball placement systems, launch monitor data and a ton of other geeky specs. No time is wasted waiting at the front desk, chasing golf balls or hoping for a mat to open up. This 24/7 service is the first of its kind in Canada and is pending a patent for its hands-free technology.

Centennial Park Golf Centre 

Located in Etobicoke, Centennial Park Golf Centre will give you one of the most classic driving range experiences. The centre boasts a 27-hole course, mini putt, driving range and short game zone. Its driving range has 34 stalls and is capable of holding down drives over 300 yards. Placed amidst the greenery are target flags, green zones and yardage markers to ensure golfers are able to dial in their shots with each and every club.

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