Jeanne Beker picks coverups and sandals perfect for Balmy or Venice Beach

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 Transform your beachwear into all-day attire this summer! Jeanne Beker has selected the coolest coverups paired with slip-on sandals for wherever you’re travelling this season, from Balmy to Venice Beach.  

A. South Beach, Miami

“I love the idea of a mesh coverup: you can be as revealing as you want, wearing it over a swimsuit or over shorts on the beach. This one has an edgy feel to it.” Hilary MacMillan, $165, 224 Carlton St. 

B. Venice Beach, Los Angeles

“This is elegant and great for the beach, and if you accessorize, you could wear it out to a fancy dinner! A long coverup is always extra glamorous.” Sandpipers, $197, 87 Yorkville Ave.

C. Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver

“This is fun, attention-grabbing and very boho chic. It’s got a great, funky colour. You could wear this to the market or to dinner with the right accessories.” Holt Renfrew, $650, 50 Bloor St. W.

D. Coopers Beach, The Hamptons

“This is a very versatile little dress. These days, when you travel, you want to take fewer and fewer things. I love this fluid, artsy, painterly print as well.” Shan, $525, 7540 Weston Rd.

E. Balmy Beach, Toronto

“It’s really so sensual; this would look great with any kind of suit under it. I really like the cut and colour of this. The fabric makes it a really interesting piece.” Melmira, $149, 3319 Yonge St.

F. Cavendish Beach, Cavendish

“This is very playful and youthful, and it looks like eyelet lace. This could be worn just as a tunic over a pair of jeans as well. It’s just good summer fun!” Canopy Blue, $405, 2582 Yonge St. 

G. Cavendish Beach

Gravity Pope, $150, 1010 Queen St. W.

H. South Beach

Imelda, $88, 123 Roncesvalles Ave. 

I. Balmy Beach

GetOutside, $169.99, 437 Queen St. W.

J. Coopers Beach

Heel Boy, $155, 773 Queen St. W.

K. Kitsilano Beach

Maguire Shoes, $230, 1514 Dundas. St. W.

L. Venice Beach

Browns, $198, 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr. 

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