Speed skating and other Olympic sports are available to try out in Toronto

Become an Olympic athlete for the day with these sports in and around T.O.

Whenever I watch Olympic speed skaters skate, I’m always mesmerized by how graceful they look while going upwards of 35 miles per hour – or faster. But, to be entirely honest, I always thought: if I can skate, I can definitely speed skate.

Oh man, I was ever so humbled when I stepped onto the ice with those long bladed skates on.

Thankfully, the great coaches at the Toronto Speed Skating Club helped me catch my footing and, by the end of the hour, learn how to gain some speed and almost turn properly.

It’s a whole different game learning to balance on these skates, perfect your form and learn the different skills required to excel at this sport – or any sport for that manner. But, it was one of the most fun hours I’ve had in a long time.

Learning a new skill – whether as a hobby or otherwise – is always a rewarding new challenge and something I love doing both solo and with friends.

Keep reading to find out the clubs where you can learn the different Winter Olympic sports in and around Toronto.

Speed Skating

Toronto Speed Skating Club

The Toronto Speed Skating Club offers an Intro to Speed Skating program. Individuals who have completed an Intro to Speed Skate session will be invited to join the club and participate in their weekly practices for the remainder of the season.

What you’ll need

  • Helmet (bike or hockey)
  • Gloves (ideally cut proof; leather or hockey gloves work)
  • Neck guard (bib style)
  • Knee pads (inline skating or volleyball)
  • Shin guards (soccer style and preferably without the under-foot strap)
  • Clear lens eye protection, with a strap (recommended)
  • Skates (rentals available)


Ford Performance Centre, Rink 1 at 400 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke


Leaside Curling Club

The Leaside Curling Club offers 2 Learn to Curl clinics each spring, in addition to their different league memberships, which offer open ice sessions and more.

What you’ll need

  • Hat
  • Stretchy jacket or sweater
  • Stretchy pants (jeans are not recommended)
  • Leather or synthetic Gloves or Mitts (wool is not recommended)
  • Rubber sole shoes or running shoes (no outdoor shoes allowed on the ice)


Leaside Curling Club, 1075 Millwood Rd., Toronto


Hardwood Ski and Bike

Hardwood Ski and Bike offers beginner classes and adult programs for those who want to learn to the dual skills of shooting and skiing.

[Photo Courtesy: Hardwood Ski & Bike]

What you’ll need

  • Cross country Skate Skis and poles (rentals available)
  • Biathlon rifle with harness, ammunition and case (rentals available/ provided with lessons)
  • Cross country eye goggles (rentals available)
  • Special biathlon gloves which securely grip the firearm and with trigger sensitive finger parts (rentals available)
  • Lycra wear and ski waxes (recommended)


Hardwood Ski and Bike, 402 Old Barrie Rd. W., Oro-Medonte

Cross-Country Skiing

High Park Ski Club

High Park Ski Club is a cross-country skiing school offering free classic and skate ski lessons for members. With the membership, you’ll be able to explore snowy trails and serene landscapes.

What you’ll need

  • Cross country skis and poles [rentals available]
  • Warm winter clothing [weatherproof jackets and snow pants recommended]
  • Cross country eye goggles [recommended, rentals available]
  • Thermal Wear [recommended]


High Park Ski Club, 2100 Bloor St. W, #6-149, Toronto

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