Capable and Curious Curators of Their Own Learning

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How early does a child’s attitude towards learning develop? At Bayview Glen School, they begin with children at the age of two in their Preschool program, where they encourage their students at this young age to begin to discover the joy of learning.

Learning at this age needs to be very “hands-on” so children have a chance to explore, wonder about things and develop their natural curiosity. It’s a time of astonishing growth, when children’s inherent inquisitiveness, insight and empathy spark constant discoveries about themselves and the world.

As children discover new experiences and new opportunities for challenge and success, tasks must be age appropriate and based on the rate of development for each child. An individualized approach allows children to progress at their own pace and allows children to excel in areas that are unique to their personality, character and interests. By encouraging children to take initiative with guidance and discover who they are, it establishes not only the foundation of their learning journey but also the groundwork on which future success will be built.

Creating a learning environment that is safe, happy and stimulating, where each child feels welcome and secure, is just as important to the success of building that foundation. In this type of space, positive interactions with teachers and peers can help develop and facilitate purposeful learning that is created with intent and based on children’s curiosities.

The arts, music and painting allow children to wonder, question and practice critical thinking skills, as they plan out their next stroke. Paint is a material that can foster deep connections and curiosity when we allow for space, time and freedom to explore. Hands-on learning is the framework that will lead children towards a life full of successful learning.

Bayview Glen celebrates and cultivates children’s natural love of learning through the Reggio Emilia approach, helping them uncover not only what but how they learn. Bayview Glen’s “whole child” philosophy begins in the early years with their well-rounded learning experience from nurturing faculty. Their approach to learning provides children with a head start on becoming confident, kind and collaborative contributors to their environment where they can also develop friendships that last a lifetime.

When children then move into the Kindergarten years at Bayview Glen, they have started to develop that eagerness and delight in learning. They have also acquired a belief in themselves and a sense of confidence that they can tackle anything. They are ready for an enriched academic experience, which at Bayview Glen includes reading, writing, math, French, music, technology and physical education.

Their continued learning journey expands and deepens as they move through the Lower, Prep and Upper Schools. Students develop a natural love of learning that is age appropriate and differentiated. A breadth of experiences provides students with the opportunity to make global connections, explore their interests and develop their passions.

Building a stable foundation in Preschool and introducing that spark of joy for what learning can be at such a young age can start a journey of a lifetime.