This hidden gem is a vintage paradise for Toronto’s top fashion influencers

Popular Vaughan-based vintage shop Batch Vintage has been supplying the dream Y2K wardrobe for some of the city’s most fashionable thrifters. 

Arianna Stalteri and Marcanthony Spano are the couple behind the shop, and they’ve been building their business for eight years. The thrift enthusiasts began dating in high school after admiring one another’s unique style in the halls. They turned their shared love of vintage fashion into an Instagram business in 2016, at only 17 and 18 years old. 

Since they were always sourcing vintage clothes together and finding cool pieces that didn’t quite suit their personal styles, it made sense for them to sell their extra finds to their peers. They became really serious about the business in 2018 when they started selling at The Deadstock Depot, Toronto’s first ever vintage streetwear flea market.

The couple say they have plenty of fun running their business together. “We both have our strengths — we each bring something different, and I think we work together really well,” says Spano.

Spano grew up skateboarding so his style favours baggy jeans, cool T-shirts and flannels of the ’90s and early 2000s eras. Stalteri’s selection tends to be a mix of new age designers and nostalgic pieces; she doesn’t like to stick to a specific style but rather dresses as the character she wants to be on a given day.

Combined, the Batch Vintage selection is an eclectic assortment of iconic and deadstock vintage. Spano says they’re always looking for pieces they’ve never seen before and they love encouraging customers to try new styles and get out of their comfort zones.

The Batch Vintage showroom

In 2018, they opened their official showroom in the basement of a private residence and quit their shared jobs at the Holt Renfrew Outlet in Vaughan Mills to pursue their business full-time. The private showroom in Vaughan is open on Saturdays and all you have to do is DM the Batch Vintage account to get the address. 

The strength of their mutual good taste has intrigued Toronto fashion influencers, who are frequently seen wearing the brand, many of whom Stalteri has personally styled in her dress up series. She uses her expertise to create vintage outfits based on each model’s personality and then sells the outfits by the piece.

Styles by Batch Vintage

Interested parties can also buy wholesale — either by the pound, or by the piece. If the client wants a curated selection, they’re happy to take requests for specific aesthetics and sizes.

Still, some of their hottest pieces get snapped up from their Instagram story sales. You can shop by “Marc’s picks” or “Ari’s picks,” curated based on their individual taste. Dress like the city’s favourite fashion kids by snagging a few pieces of your own.

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