How to wear the Barbiecore trend in Toronto this summer

The highly-anticipated Barbie movie is set to premiere on July 21 and the enthusiasm for the pink aesthetic is not calming down. Ever since photos of Margot Robbie decked out in Barbie colours hit the internet last June, the Barbiecore trend has been making sartorial waves in the fashion community– part costume, part way of life.

The fun thing about the Barbiecore look is that it’s actually very versatile. If it were a colour, it is of course pink, but as an attitude it’s a lot more than that. In the official Barbie trailers, we see Greta Gerwig’s bubbly protagonist in many outfits: diva, prim, beachy, funky prints, full cowgirl get up and even a roller skating uniform. 

Part of the ethos of Barbie is that she can be anything she wants to be, simply by changing her outfit. This is particularly evident on TikTok where users have been showcasing different Barbie-inspired outfits to the popular, “Hi Barbie!” sound from the movie trailer. 

Aside from the obvious colour scheme, there is really only one rule in Barbie fashion: always accessorize. So how do you perfect Barbiecore in Toronto? Here’s our local insights on where to shop for it, and how to wear it in the city. 

Think pink


Of course, no Barbiecore look is complete without a little (or a lot) pink. If you’re not sure how to get into this trend, go for your favourite styles in pink hues — that can include denim, overalls or oversized silhouettes. Barbiecore is all about mixing and matching, so pairing a not-so-Barbie style with a Barbie-approved pink will do wonders. For a more traditional Barbie look, check out Toronto designer Hilary MacMillan — her collaboration with Barbie has all the essentials, from a plaid mini skirt to a super trendy matching leisure suit. When it comes down to material, latex is the epitome of a Barbie doll. Toronto latex designer Pippa Latex actually sells a Barbie bodysuit, though they are sold in limited quantities on Etsy so you’ll have to act fast to secure this look.

Perfect nails


If one thing is for sure about Barbie, it’s that every inch of her appearance is perfectly attended to (in an impractical way). And there’s nothing that makes you feel more permanently glam than a new set of nails. Rebecca Paints Nails is a private nail studio in the west end of Toronto that offers full nail service with extremely detailed nail art. Owner and nail technician Rebecca Ramsdale will consult with you before your appointment so she can predraw the design and ensure the execution of your perfect nails. Check out her Instagram page for imaginative spins on Barbie’s classic pink, or create your own playful colour scheme. If you’re indecisive, you can book a mystery manicure and leave the design up to Ramsdale.

Roller skates 


“Did you bring your roller skates?”- Barbie. “I literally go nowhere without them.”- Ken. Toronto skate shop Nitro Skates is your ticket to a themed Barbie outfit with a built-in activity. Nitro offers a learn to skate program if you need lessons (four weeks for $90), in which case you can rent a pair of skates and pads for a small cost. And if you’re hosting or joining an event that roller skates would be appropriate for, you can even rent skates for your group. It’s very Barbie to hook everyone up with skates for a party, don’t you think? You can of course purchase your own roller skates in all kinds of colours, and plenty of shades of pink, or build a custom pair. You can even pay to have a pair of loved shoes mounted onto skates. Not to mention you can buy all kinds of fun accessories to adorn your roller skating look, like coloured laces, knee socks, and toe stops shaped like hearts or flowers

Big bows

Bow accents have been a popular trend through all of 2023, and Barbie does not shy away from this delicate accessory. In fact she hams it up! Instead of subtle bow accents, grab a big bow and make it the center of your outfit. After all, Barbie likes a look that commands attention. Toronto designer Kabuté makes limited quantities of “Mila bow hair clips” that you can use to decorate your hair or attach to any other part of your outfit. The large bow accessory is soft and puffy and comes in the perfect blush colour to compliment your Barbiecore look. Shop online at or catch them vending at a market near you.

Plastic bling 


No Barbie outfit is complete without a piece of jewelry. And if you really want to elicit the doll effect, you’ll stray from the minimal fine jewelry characteristic of Toronto brands like Mejuri, and favour something chunky and shiny! Jiggly Junk is a Toronto jewelry brand known for its ever growing selection of chunky charm necklaces. The designer, Jade, is a natural when it comes to executing the Barbiecore look — pairing hot pink Y2K tops with large pink plastic jewels from her collection. Jiggly necklaces range from anywhere from $100 to over $200 but they occasionally go on sale. If you have your own vision for a necklace, you can also custom order by filling out the form in the Jiggly Junk story highlight. Shop online at, through Instagram, or in person at Eden Tattoo Studio on Davenport.

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