You can take incredibly awkward family photos at Toronto’s newest portrait studio

For anyone nostalgic for cringe-worthy family photos (the ones forever capturing families dressed in matching outfits, beehive hairdos, superimposed exotic backgrounds or overly strained faces), a new portrait studio ready to recapture that awkwardness is opening in Toronto this weekend.

On June 1, the Awkward Family Photos Portrait Studio will open at 594 Richmond St. in downtown Toronto, allowing people to take the ultimate awkward photos. And it’s not only designated for families; patrons can also pose awkwardly with their friends, coworkers or even pets.

The process is simple — you visit the studio, choose your background/props/starting poses, and then receive your awkward photos. Each photo session comes with 10 digital photos; prints and framing are available at the shop.

The photo studio is an addition to the Awkward Family Photos website, which childhood friends Mike and Doug began in 2009 after Mike saw an awkward vacation photo hanging in his parents’ house.

Realizing there were probably plenty of other people out there with their own awkward family images, the two friends decided to create a friendly place where everyone could share their uncomfortable family moments.

Standard prices are $39 per person, with a maximum of eight people per group (includes a 15-minute studio session —”plenty of time for awkward moments, multiple poses, backdrops and ‘wait I blinked!’ retakes,” two backdrops and 10 digital photos). Their Very Awkward Person (V.A.P.) package is $89 per person (this includes 10 digital photos, a 5×7 framed print, and a signed “Awkward Family Photos” book).

Family packages are $120 (up to two adults, one to two children, ages 4–12) and $140 (up to two adults, three to four children, ages 4–12). Kids under 3 are free.

Oh, and if you’re worried about how awkward is too awkward when you visit the AFP studio, the website says it best:

“Welcome to Cringe City!! Population? You and whoever you bring. No amount of awkwardness is too much here at the AFP Portrait Studio.”

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