Approved development in midtown wants to hike the height up 15 storeys

A proposed development at 29-39 Pleasant Boulevard in Toronto has undergone significant revisions, with the latest resubmission pushing for a 50-storey residential tower.

The project, dubbed The Notable, has seen several modifications since its initial proposal in 2016. Despite receiving city council approval for a 35-storey structure, subsequent revisions have led to an increased height of 50 storeys in the latest proposal.

Designed by Turner Fleischer Architects for Graywood Developments and KingSett Capital, the latest proposal aims to take advantage of increased density incentives as a part of the Major Transit Station Area designation.

This would allow the tower to rise to 171.6 metres, accommodating 409 residential units, a significant increase from previous plans. The design includes a range of amenities, totaling over 1,400 square meters of indoor and outdoor spaces. Notably, parking provisions have been scaled back, with a greater emphasis on bicycle parking to promote sustainable transportation options.

It might come as a surprise to local residents that a development plan involving significant community consultation could just add 15 storeys, but there is an opportunity for public participation as it will require a zoning by-law amendment.

“The next opportunity to provide input is at the Toronto and East York Community Council meeting (the statutory meeting) when the application is considered,” said city spokesperson Deborah Blackstone. “Local residents are also invited to provide input directly to Community Planning at any stage of the application process.”

The proposal, currently under review, maintains a narrow public park plan along the site’s west side and includes a 140-square-meter Privately-Owned Publicly accessible Space (POPS) to its east. The development’s proximity to St Clair station on Yonge Line 1, along with access to streetcar and bus routes, underscores its strategic location within Toronto’s transit network.

“The current proposal represents an important opportunity to better optimize the site and create much needed housing with direct access to higher-order transit infrastructure, including the Yonge-University subway line and the St. Clair LRT,” said Courtney Heron-Monk in a city submission, a planner for Bousfields Inc., on behalf of the project developers.

In the broader context, the proposal aligns with other submissions in the surrounding area, according to the city submission. Noteworthy projects include a 14-storey building proposed at 11 Pleasant Boulevard, as well as The Clair, a 34-storey development half a block north on Yonge Street. Meanwhile, submissions for taller structures, such as 1 St Clair West and 45 St Clair West, indicate a trend towards increased verticality in the neighborhood.

The new 15-storey addition will not delay the development process, according to the city.

There is a spike in approved applications hitting committee of adjustment for top-ups and it is unlikely the trend will slow down anytime soon.

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