bayview village dust of gods

Toronto architect launches wearable art pop-up at Bayview Village

Antonio Tadrissi brings his sustainable fashion movement to North York

Local architect Antonio Tadrissi is bringing Dust of Gods — a sustainable fashion movement he created — to Bayview Village this month. The pop-up will open this weekend and run until Feb. 21.

So what exactly is Dust of Gods? It’s essentially a line of one-of-a-kind wearable art. Tadrissi takes pre-loved clothing in good condition and repurposes the items by “dusting” them. That’s where the sustainability factor comes into play — the philosophy of the brand is that sustainable fashion can only be achieved through repurposing items already in our closets.

Those looking to get their hands on a piece by Tadrissi should head to Bayview Village for their next shopping trip. Shoppers who spend $1,000 in a single day at the shopping centre will get the opportunity to bring one item to Tadrissi for a consultation. Accepted items are jackets, shirts, pants and bags. Once the consultation is complete, the item will be “dusted” on-site and can be picked up within seven to 10 days at the concierge desk.

The current Dust of Gods collection focuses on jackets that have been collected from local markets to vintage warehouses in countries all over the world. Each piece is cut, styled, painted and embellished to become a wearable piece of art. Tadrissi also takes on many private commissions from Raptors T-shirts to plaid shirts. The pieces also commonly feature the saying “In dust we trust.”

Tadrissi’s pieces are highly coveted and retail for approximately $2,500, so this opportunity is not one to be missed. Tadrissi, who originally was on a path to becoming a scientist, honed his creativity through his work as a designer, architect, sculptor and entrepreneur. Before discovering his calling, Tadrissi was studying molecular biology and biomedical engineering. He is now an internationally renowned artist and owner of architectural firm Prototype Design Lab. He also has a few famous fans including T.O.’s own Drake.

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