One of Toronto’s best fine dining restaurants has closed forever

After just one year in business, another Toronto restaurant has made the difficult decision to permanently close, citing financial limitations brought on by current COVID-19 restrictions.

Crosely’s, which opened in January 2021, was run by internationally renowned chef and sommelier J. P. Adamo (co-owner of Bar Piquette).

The restaurant was known for its changing menu of small share plates, which featured items that were simple and distinctly Canadian, with a European-inspired twist. Crosely’s chef, Chef Joachim (Joe) Hayward, had previously worked as the head chef at the now-closed Brothers Food & Wine in Yorkville, where he met fellow Crosley’s chef Myles Harrison.

When an indoor dining ban was announced on Jan. 5., Crosley’s was one of many Toronto restaurants that pivoted to a takeout model, offering diners a variety of curbside pick-up options.

“Because of the Covid impact on the business, our financial partners have decided not to continue to finance the operation,” reads a snippet of an Instagram post from Jan. 11. “If you have any questions please speak to the respective parties. We had a nice moment cooking and pouring wine for you all.”

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