Here’s everything you need to know about the Park Hyatt’s two new restaurants

Everything you need to know about Park Hyatt's two new restaurants

Park Hyatt Toronto has officially reopened, and with it, so has a brand new restaurant and a rooftop cocktail bar.

Joni, the Park Hyatt’s main restaurant, will take a bistronomy approach to its menu, harmonizing casual bistro dining with contemporary cooking techniques with a focus on fresh and flavourful ingredients.

Along with Joni, Park Hyatt Toronto has unveiled The Writer’s Room, located on the hotel’s rooftop.


Situated in the heart of the iconic Park Hyatt Toronto hotel, Joni will offer breakfast, lunch, cocktail, and dinner service with comforting, relaxed yet elevated fare.

Designed to intrigue and satisfy the palate of the neighbourhood guest to the modern-day epicurean with discerning tastes, the menu will reflect an evolving micro-season approach.

Working with local purveyors that offer fresh ingredients across Canada, Joni will provide a new perspective and showcase the true art of dining.

Joni will feature a one-of-a-kind menu with items such as Bees Wax Poached Lobster, Maitake Katsu Sando, Aged Angus Rib Eye, Ontario Lamb, Smoked Beet Tartare and many more soon-to-be classic dishes.

“Joni will bring a refined and distinctive approach to familiar dishes, pushing the boundaries of flavour,  texture and presentation,” says Antonio Soriano, executive chef at Joni. “We carefully procure every  ingredient with the best culinary techniques to create unparalleled moments within every bite and bring  sophisticated cuisine to the forefront.”

Soriano’s culinary style is defined as one without borders. Bringing 25 years of experience mastering upscale gastronomy, he has developed his refined culinary techniques working at Michelin-starred restaurants and several luxury hotels worldwide. Further delivering on culinary excellence, Soriano will be joined by chef Jonathan Williams and pastry chef Sarah Tsai, together bringing Michelin-starred restaurant experience from London and Taiwan.

Reinterpreted classic cocktails with a thoughtfully curated selection of wine will feature more than 100 references by the hotel’s sommelier, Tess Urbanowicz, to perfectly accompany the cuisine.

Adjacent to Joni, The Living Room will provide a central space for social gathering inside Park Hyatt Toronto, just like a living room to every home. The traditional concept of a hotel lobby lounge has been reimagined and transformed into a space of human connection and culture.

A separate menu of casual bites will be paired well with cocktails, wine, and beer in the space.

The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room Parlour

Complementing Joni in the hotel’s newest food and beverage offerings is the return of the iconic rooftop cocktail bar.

Familiar to Torontonians and international travelers alike, the infamous cocktail lounge will be known as Writers Room, paying homage to the history of literary legends that have shared moments in Park Hyatt Toronto.

This clever interpretation of a classic cocktail bar reflects its historical significance as a gathering spot for great minds as they take in the unparalleled Toronto skyline views.