A popular Toronto hotel asked a diner to sign a waiver before eating there

A Reddit user visiting from the U.S. said that they were asked to sign a waiver while eating a burger at a Toronto hotel.

Posting on the “Toronto” subreddit on January 15, user “Reit007 “asked the community to weigh in on their story titled, “Toronto Burger came with a release form!”

As per the post, the user ordered a medium burger, and the waiter accepted the request without comment. Despite the burger looking great upon arrival, the user was surprised when, after the first bite, the waiter presented them with a release form. The waiter explained that the standard preparation is well-done, and since the user requested it medium, they were asked to sign the form.

Reit007 expressed that after reading the form, they felt unable to continue eating the burger. Despite being taken aback by the unexpected request, they chose to pay and leave.

While Reit007 did not explicitly name the restaurant in their post, they shared a photo of the waiver, revealing the name “Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites.”

“Is it common in Canada? Like how can you sign a form like this and still eat it? Why did the waiter not say anything beforehand? I still cannot believe it,” Reit007 asked the community.

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The post, accumulating over 500 comments at the time of publication, elicited diverse reactions. Some users expressed surprise, claiming they had never encountered the practice of signing a waiver before. On the other hand, there were those who considered serving a burger anything other than well done as an unconventional and perhaps impractical choice.

Matty’s Patty’s sells you medium burgers, and he’s a God damn chef, he knows what he’s doing. Nothing wrong with a medium Burger,” commented one Reddit user.

“I’m shocked they served you a medium burger at all. We generally don’t do that in Canada. Americans asking how you’d like your burger done is always shocking in the USA. Also I’m not a stranger to less than well done steak, my preference is generally blue/rare. Ground beef though anything but well done is gross,” said user walker1867.

“I serve at a restaurant and we occasionally get customers asking for medium/not too well done burgers. We have to say no, our owners and chefs will not allow it. I remember being kinda shocked when I first started working there because growing up, my dad would always make them that way on the bbq and they were soo good. Didn’t realize it was a food safety concern,” commented another user.

Streets of Toronto attempted to contact both Reit007 and Toronto Hilton for comments but had not received a response from either party at the time of publication.

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