New home of Nightwood Theatre and Tapestry Opera at 877 Yonge St.

A new live theatre is opening at Yonge and Davenport near Yorkville

There is a new theatre opening near Yonge and Davenport as Tapestry Opera and Nightwood Theatre revealed plans to establish a new collaborative space at 877 Yonge St.

The companies have launched a capital campaign to raise $1.5 million to fund the completion and launch of this ambitious project.

The new facility will cover 6,500 square feet and feature a 2,700 square foot performance hall, a rehearsal studio, a green room, and shared office spaces. This represents a significant upgrade, offering nearly three times the space of their previous location in the Distillery District.

In a city facing a scarcity of arts venues, this new complex will provide a much-needed oasis for creativity and performance. The new space is located within a city-owned supportive housing development run by St. Clare’s, a non-profit developer
of affordable housing.

The collaboration with St. Clare’s highlights a unique and innovative partnership.

“St. Clare’s reached out to us with this as an available location and we saw enormous potential in the bones of the space,” said Andrea Donaldson, artistic director of Nightwood Theatre. “We’re looking forward to creating a dynamic presence!”

The facility is designed by Hilditch Architects and promises to be a beacon for artists and audiences alike.

A scene from the Nightwood Theatre production Mad Madge
Rose Napoli and Nancy Palk in the Nightwood production of ‘Mad Madge’ (Photo by Dahlia Katz)

The space will be a new permanent home for Nightwood and Tapestry, Donaldson explained, as well as other artistic groups

“A huge aim of this space is creating affordable space for other artists in the city as well,” Donaldson said. “Our performance hall seats 110 people, or 250 standing. It will be utilized as a space for all sorts of events.” Donaldson thinks the facility will likely be used half the time for internal projects and half the time for the public, with an estimated opening date of January 2025.

“Following years of Toronto losing vital arts spaces, we are proud to announce the creation of a new facility in the heart of Toronto that is also easily accessible by public transportation,” said Michael Hidetoshi Mori, Tapestry’s artistic and
general director.

Nightwood recently announced its 2024-25 season, the company’s 45th, with productions across the city ahead of the opening of the new space.

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