A look inside Toronto’s newest tropical plant shop on Dundas West

The dog parent trend just might be overtaken by the plant parent trend soon enough, and nothing has made more sure of that than this pandemic. With fewer opportunities to socialize and a little too much time spent locked up at home, Torontonians have turned to plants in large numbers. Various plant shops across the country reported a “boom” in sales during the first year of the pandemic, as residents cooped up at home looked for ways to bring the outside, inside and to cultivate (no pun intended) new hobbies. So it’s no surprise that more and more plant shops have been popping up too; it seems there really could not be a better time to invest in this kind of business!

Sienna Flora is the latest store to aid in the growing demand for plants in the city. Opening just a few months ago in the Dundas West neighbourhood, this new plant shop is good for more than just stocking up on a few more succulents to line your window sill. Sienna Flora specializes in tropical plants, which includes everything from pothos to bamboo palm to birds of paradise plants.

But even if you’re not a plant lover, you’ll probably want to visit Little Portugal’s newest shop. Owner Anita Cane (yes, like the tropical indoor plant by the same name) has designed the space to be bright, spacious and minimalist in its layout with a south-facing window that shines sunlight in all day, leaving the plants to do the talking.

You’ll find massive monsteras, show-stopping snake plants and cacti of all kinds stationed throughout the shop. Sienna Flora also offers pots, ceramics and every plant care item you can think of as one of only a few one-stop-shop plant stores in the city.

Prices range between $5 for a “lemon ball” sedum and $395 for a 4.5″ tall pencil cactus. Shop online or visit in store at 1344 Dundas St. W.

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