A local pizza spot is serving up nostalgia with an exciting pizza party contest

Streets of Toronto X Pi Co.

Remember the days of pizza parties in school? Nothing made a day more bearable than knowing your class would be getting a special delivery in time for lunch. A local pizza chain is giving you the chance to relive that joy all over again this month.

Toronto-based Pi Co. is known for its authentic, custom-crafted Neapolitan pizza that can be fired up in around 90 seconds. The spot lets customers load up with unlimited toppings and also offers other pizza-joint classics like garlic bread, caprese salads or a make-your-own option.

For regular patrons of the spot, Pi Day is a much-anticipated promotion that offers their fan-favourite Margherita Pizzas for just their $3.14 on March 14. This year, PiCo sweetened the deal with $1 SOS Treats cookies, but the real excitement is all about their new contest that will give 26 local schools and organizations the chance at a sponsored pizza party.

Considering the brand’s roots, it’s fitting the competition is taking Toronto back to elementary school days. Co-founders Marc Askenasi and Sam Hazan met at that age, playing soccer for a competitive Toronto area team. While the city may be used to pizza on demand now, that wasn’t always the case, and we have the pair to thank for it — Pi Co. was one of the first build-your-own, fast food-style pizzerias to open in Toronto.

Askenasi came up with the idea while traveling in the United States and noticing  that Neapolitan quick service pizza places were popping up everywhere. He brought the idea back with him to Toronto, teaming up with Hazan and researching the Neapolitan pizza until they could confidently stand behind the well-loved pizza that Pi Co. serves up today.

Now, the company’s new campaign and contest #PiCoIsTheAnswer is a way to give back to the community and nostalgia-chasers alike. Head to any Pi Co. Pizza location — like their newest shop at Yorkdale Mall — and order a “pi” or a salad, take a Pi-based quiz and nominate a school or organization, and be sure to follow @pi_co_pizza on Instagram and tag them in a post showing your entry and the store you entered. Worth it for a day of slices and socializing at work or school? We think so! Plus, when you enter, you’re automatically included in a contest for a chance to win a $500 Pi Co. gift card. That’s A LOT of pizza!

Head to your local Pi Co. any time before April 14 for a chance to win the grand prize for yourself or a school in your neighbourhood that you feel deserves all the joy you remember feeling when it was pizza day at school.

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