A drive-in theatre with living area for sale at the price of detached house

Maybe you have fond memories of smuggling friends or younger siblings into the drive-in in the trunk of the car? Or that perfect summer night laying in the back of a pick-up watching movie magic on the silver screen under a starry sky? If you have a fondness for drive-in cinemas you just can’t quit, well, maybe it’s time you bought one?

A beloved institution in Prince Edward County is now up for sale, offering a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. The Mustang Drive-In, located at 1521 County Rd 1, is currently listed at $1,599,000, according to a real estate listing by Chestnut Park Real Estate Brokerage’s Mark Franks on

Aerial shot of drive-in (photo Chestnut Park Real Estate)
Shabby chic living area above the drive-in theatre building (Chestnut Park Real Estate)
How about this for a view from the apartment deck? (photo Chestnut Park R.E.)

Situated in the heart of the Hallowell community, the Mustang Drive-In has been a cherished entertainment destination for both locals and tourists. The property spans over nine acres of land, providing ample space for various uses.

This iconic drive-in theater is not only a turnkey, successful business but also comes with the option of a residence above the business, eliminating the need for a daily commute for potential owners. This extra space could also serve as accommodation for key staff members, allowing for convenient management.

The Highway Commercial (CH) zoning of the property offers versatility, enabling potential buyers to explore various possibilities such as a hotel, motel, or restaurant, among others.

The Mustang Drive-In operates for approximately four months each year, offering entertainment to the masses and providing the owners with an opportunity to travel and unwind during the remaining months. The location, nestled in one of Ontario’s most popular tourist destinations, makes it an appealing investment prospect.

Real estate enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with a vision for a thriving business venture can seize this chance to acquire the Mustang Drive-In and become part of the vibrant Prince Edward County community.

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