A beautiful new sandwich spot just set up shop in Little Italy

A new deli offering delicious heaping sandwiches has opened on College Street. 

Hailing from Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto, respectively, Jessica Anelli and Angie Russo, the owners of La Bella Sangweech, infuse their Italian Canadian heritage into the very essence of their flavourful journey as business owners.

“It’s a goal I’ve had on my bucket list for as long as I can remember,” says Anelli. “Imagine a charming nonna telling you she’s going to make you a bella sangweech. If you know, you know!” says Anelli.

The sandwich names add a playful touch to the experience. La Mangiacake playfully references Italian Canadian slang for non-Italians, putting a lighthearted spin on the traditional American assorted sub, including meats like Black Forest ham and turkey breast alongside Genoa salami. Meanwhile, La Gabagool is a playful nod to the Americanized version of “capicola” popularized by Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. Choosing Little Italy as their location felt like destiny unfolding.

La Fresca

“When our friends at Last Call Cocktail Club were on the lookout for a food concept to complement their space, they trusted us enough to hand over the front section to La Bella Sangweech,” says Anelli. “It was a perfect synergy, allowing us to seamlessly integrate our sangweech shop into this vibrant community.”

Teaming up with Russo, whose extensive experience in the food and beverage industry adds the operational finesse, they’ve created a powerhouse team.

Crafting the menu for the shop proved to be an exciting yet challenging endeavour. La Bella Sangweech boasts freshly baked focaccia daily, hand-sliced meats and cheeses and a dedication to providing great customer service.

“At the end of the day, we realized that, while a sangweech might not be rocket science, it is an art form, and we wanted to craft something truly special,”

The shop will soon launch an evening menu with Last Call, featuring elevated bites that pair with their drink offerings.

La Bella Sangweech is located at 584 College St.

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