The Dakota Tavern might close its doors for good due to reported insurance issues

One of Toronto’s most popular live music venues might close for good due to reported issues with insurance. As BlogTO initially reported, the owner of The Dakota Tavern, Stephen Reid, went on Facebook to outline problems he’s been facing with the insurance company that is reportedly refusing to renew his policy. “Are you a bar

Band of the Week: Mariachi Fuego

While there may be an inclination to treat Mariachi Fuego like a novelty act, you’d be missing the point. The group’s genuinely entertaining live show is enough to get the most cynical of us out of our chairs, and now the Dakota Tavern is hosting Mariachi Mondays, which has the band kicking off every work-week with a bang. We caught up with band founder and trumpet player Rob Dickson to talk about what’s coming up for the band.

The best holiday shows in Toronto this season

As live music and theatre get back into full swing, there are plenty of holiday options from which Torontonians can choose that perfect show for the season. Here are six of our favourites: Jesus Christ Superstar Mirvish is back this month with the first production of its 2021–2022 season. The 50th-anniversary production of Jesus Christ

Our Toronto playlist of songs that matter

To listen to all our Toronto Songs That Matter go to our YouTube playlist here: Charlotte Cornfield: “Sailing Away,” by Jennifer Castle Every time I listen to this song, it conjures up all of these emotions and memories about coming and going from Toronto — moving away, moving back, passing through. That first line,

New Toronto live stream series premieres tonight

Toronto musicians are amongst the hardest hit by COVID-19 as entire concert tours, the major source of revenue for many artists, disappeared overnight.  There are many initiatives underway to try to help, and one of the latest and most exciting is URGNT — a live stream concert series where many of the city’s most prominent

Best bets for bands to check out for every day of Canadian Music Week

Getting underway today and running until May 13, Canadian Music Week (CMW) is a massive music festival with hundreds of bands filling up venues around town with a dizzying array of fresh new music from across the country and south of the border as well as ticketed shows from rock veterans such as Sloan, playing a free show at Dundas Square, playing with grunge heavyweights Mudhoney. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around so many options. Herewith, a look at some of the best options for every day of the festival.