Weekend Warrior: Winterlicious, Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebration, Winter Bike Ride, TO Tea Fest, and Black History Art Shows

The weekend is almost here and perhaps you’ve decided against hibernating under a pile of blankets. (Brave soul.) Don’t know where to go? We’ve got you covered. In this edition: prix fixe meals, a Chinese New Year celebration, a winter bike ride, a tea festival, and a trio of art exhibits to kick off Black History Month.

Animal rights group threatens to spread poison in Chinatown (because poisoning humans is apparently less cruel than eating shark fin soup)

When nobody on city council is doing anything to ban shark fin products in Toronto, it’s time for drastic measures. Oh, that’s right, Toronto has already decided to ban shark fin products, but that’s not stopping an animal rights group — well, what appears to be one at least — from threatening to spread “rat poison on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables” in Chinese markets and restaurants throughout the city.

Does Chinatown’s newest all-day dim sum joint stack up against Rol San?

I’ve spent a good portion of my life in Chinatown, waiting for a seat at Rol San. That’s because I’m obsessed with dim sum. It’s a family thing. Somehow, none of the employees there know me on a first name basis yet, but that’s fine. I don’t go to Rol San to make friends. I go there for dim sum. At Rol San, I’m a behemoth, like a blue whale that needs to consume countless tiny sea creatures to sustain itself.

Cartoonist Jason Loo from Marvel and Star Wars to Toronto Comicon

Toronto-based artist Jason Loo’s life is not unlike that of Lucas Barrett’s, the protagonist from his highly successful comic book series The Pitiful Human-Lizard. Barrett is a thirty-something Toronto office clerk by day and a crime-fighting superhero (albeit a struggling one) by night. Loo’s 9-to-5 gig is as a library children’s programmer, and he spends

What chefs want to eat right now!

Hundreds of new restaurants have popped up in the city since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While indoor dining remains temporarily closed, plenty of restaurants are offering take-out, as well as “dine-in” options on their heated patios. We recruited Toronto’s best chefs and asked them a simple question: what’s on your 2022 must-try list?

7 best candy shops in Toronto for Halloween-worthy treats

Halloween is probably the only time that adults can get away with acting like kids in candy stores. Seriously, who could stand still among colorful displays of sweet-and-sour treats, sugar-coated jellies, and artful rows of chocolate truffles? Here are seven of the best candy shops in Toronto where you could indulge your sweet tooth. Squish