6 of the best candy shops in Toronto for Halloween treats

Halloween is probably the only time that adults can get away with acting like kids in candy stores. Seriously, who could stand still among colourful displays of sweet-and-sour treats, sugar-coated jellies and artful rows of chocolate truffles? Here are six of the best candy shops in Toronto where you could indulge your sweet tooth.

The Candy Bar (849 College St.)


Located near College and Ossington, this is one of the best TO shops for imported candies, boxes of handcrafted chocolates, and a wide assortment of unique treats (where else would you find Prawn Cocktail Crisps or a Cadbury Curly Wurly?).

Bulk Mine (655 Yonge St.)


This candy shop has been a Toronto favourite for more than 20 years. It’s centrally located (between Yonge/Bloor and Yonge/Wellesley) and offers a huge range of bulk products (think bulk gummies, wrapped bulk candy, bulk bubble gum etc.). They also have a large selection of retro candies and chocolates (e.g., Cowtails Chocolate, Nerds Wildberry Fruit Savage, 100 Grande Bars) and European imports. It’s also one of the only downtown shops you’ll find the super chocolatey German Milka Triolade bar.

So Sweet Canada ( 5328 Hwy. 7, Woodbridge)


The meticulous selection, featuring over 100 brands, is constantly expanding to include the most exotic imported candies and treats, including retro cereals, cotton candy and a variety of chocolates bars. You and your little goblins could lose yourselves for hours.

Kandy Krazed (454 Eglinton Ave. W.)


This fun and colourful candy shop is owned by husband and wife team Joey and Steven Davidson, who started the brand as a home-run business in 2019 that quickly pivoted to home deliveries during the pandemic. Now, the team has a flagship retail location on Eglinton Avenue West that houses rare and novelty candy from around the world!

Kandy Sweeties (81A Kincourt St.)


This North York location specializes in hard-to-find candy reminiscent of your childhood, offering over 2000 retro and contemporary sweets, chocolates, lollipops, licorice, taffies, and more! Check out some of their exclusive products, such as PMS dark chocolate bars, 80’s “wicked” candy, and “beaver droppings” (maple-syrup flavoured candies).

Sweet Magic (222 Spadina Ave # 130)

This shop is located in the Chinatown Centre on Spadina and, according to reviews, offers the best Asian sweets/chocolates in the city (try everything from various Japanese Kit Kat flavors to Glico’s Watering KissMint chewing gum).