6 women-owned restaurants and bakeries you need to know in Toronto

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day, recognizing the incredible achievements of women globally. In Toronto, we can support women-led restaurants and bakeries, not only today but every day. Dining at these establishments helps our city’s diverse restaurant scene thrive under women’s leadership, promoting inclusivity and equality in our community.

Here are six must-visit women-led restaurants and bakeries in Toronto.

Nadège Patisserie —Nadège Norian


Nadège Nourian, the skilled pastry chef behind Nadège Patisserie, has significantly shaped Toronto’s food scene with her innovative pastry creations. Since its establishment in 2009, Nadège Patisserie has gained recognition for its French-inspired desserts and macarons. Nourian’s commitment to using top-quality ingredients and exploring new flavour combinations has distinguished her within Toronto’s culinary community. With multiple locations across the city, the bakery has become a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike.

Gusto 55 Restaurant Group — Janet Zuccarini

Photo: Gabby Frank

Janet Zuccarini is a renowned Canadian restaurateur celebrated for her diverse culinary contributions to Toronto’s food scene. As the founder and CEO of Gusto 54 Restaurant Group, she oversees a portfolio of acclaimed restaurants across North America. Zuccarini’s journey began with Trattoria Nervosa in 1996, swiftly followed by the launch of other successful ventures like Gusto 101, Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen and Zuzu. With a passion for quality ingredients and innovative concepts, Zuccarini has left an indelible mark on Toronto’s dining scene, earning accolades and recognition for her outstanding contributions to the industry.

Alma —Anna Chen


Chef and owner Anna Chen, formerly of Scaramouche and Buca, has drawn crowds with her Bloordale bistro, Alma. The intimate 32-seat space features minimal art and offers Canadian fusion fare, attracting foodies and families alike. The restaurant boasts a short but elegant cocktail menu along with French, Italian, and Niagara region wines, and local beers.  Alma showcases cosmopolitan tastes influenced by her daily market visits and commitment to scratch-made dishes.

PAI, Kiin, Sukhothai, Selva — Nuit Regular

Chef Nuit Regular at Selva Toronto

Chef Nuit Regular has introduced he vibrant flavours of Northern Thai cuisine to Toronto, beginning with the humble Curry Shack in Pai, Thailand. Her restaurants have garnered international acclaim, including the prestigious Thai Select Premium designation. Chef Nuit is celebrated as one of Toronto’s most influential chefs, admired for her culinary expertise and dedication to authentic Thai cuisine.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen — Donna Doohar


Donna Dooher co-founded Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Toronto’s Liberty Village in 1989. Mildred’s became famous for its delectable brunch options, such as the blueberry buttermilk pancakes and the “Mildred’s Caesar.” Dooher’s emphasis on using fresh, local ingredients helped Mildred’s stand out in Toronto’s food scene. Her leadership created a welcoming atmosphere that made Mildred’s a beloved spot. Dooher also authored cookbooks and appeared on TV, sharing her culinary expertise. Today, Mildred’s remains one of the top breakfast spots in the city, a testament to Dooher’s lasting impact.

Sotto Sotto — Marissa Rocca


Marisa Rocca’s journey with Sotto Sotto showcases her love for real Italian food. Despite doubts, she kept going with her family’s support. Today, the restaurant is a big part of Toronto’s food scene, known for its “Live, Love, Eat” motto. Rocca’s dedication to Italian cooking and good ingredients earned her respect, even from celebrities like Drake.


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