6 events to celebrate anti-Valentine’s Day in Toronto

February is the season of love, and while there are plenty of ways to celebrate, that might not be for everyone. If you’d prefer to avoid Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s Day, Toronto has an event for that. From an emo music event to fight the V-Day blues to a comedy event where you can dump your man, try these six anti-Valentine’s Day events to take a break from romance in style.

Embrace the single life in style

When: Feb. 17

This Anti-Valentine’s Day party promises a night that is free from hearts, flowers and anything lovey-dovey at all! Dance the night away as the DJ spins anti-love anthems, grab a drink and celebrate being single, whether you’re newly heartbroken, swearing off dating or just focusing on yourself.

Dump him at SoCap Comedy

When: Feb. 14

This comedy show, brought to you by Whore Store, is the place to be for all kinds of Valentine’s Day haters. Whether you’re grieving a break-up and bothered by the love fest around you, annoyed with the person you’re dating but not sure how to dump them or just a conscientious critic of the capitalist roots of this holiday, come out to this Valentine’s Day special that is all about heartbreak, rejection, singlehood and everything anti-Valentine’s Day.

Watch an anti-Valentine’s Day classic

When: Feb. 11

Is there anything better to put you into the anti-Valentine’s day mood than a movie about a person undergoing a procedure to erase all memories of their ex from their mind? Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is anything but sunny, and this special 20th anniversary screening is being held at the Revue Cinema on the day the main character finds out his ex had erased their relationship from her memory.

Celebrate Anti Love Day at the nightclub

When: Feb. 13

Is there a better way to cure a broken heart than dancing at a club surrounded by strangers into the early hours of the night? Maybe — but it’s worth a shot! Head to Ultraviolet for an Anti Love Day party; you’ll be safe from the potential of meeting another eventual heartbreaker there because no one’s there to find love anyway!

Get introspective on heartbreak

When: Feb. 13

If you’re someone who likes to intellectualize your break-ups, why not join the Curiosity Café for an evening exploring all things heartbreak? This bi-weekly collective explores “the questions that matter,” and just in time for Valentine’s Day, they’ll be discussing questions such as: Do we ever really get over a heartbreak? Are we allowed to be angry with someone who has broken our heart? Why are there so many songs about heartbreak? The event’s moderators include special guest Alexandra Gustafson and organizer Being and Becoming’s own Sophia Whicher.

Party hard with Stupid Cupid

When: Feb. 14

Stupid Cupid notes that being “pro-love doesn’t mean you’re pro-Valentine’s,” but you’ll probably be in good company if you’re anti-love too! Bring some friends, kick off the night with a free shot and bust out your best dance moves to some live DJ tracks. You can also smack a cheeky piñata to win some naughty prizes.  You’ll be forgiven if all the dancing goes to your head and you end up meeting someone after all.

Lonely Hearts Emo Night At Death & Taxes: Valentine’s Day Edition

When: Feb. 14

If Valentine’s Day makes you feel melodramatic, head over to Death & Taxes for an emo-themed night of throwback fun, from My Chemical Romance to Panic! at the Disco. Dig out your long-forgotten emo attire and enjoy a night full of carefree dancing, brooding tunes and fizzy drinks — all with a touch of Valentine’s Day irony.

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