3 brunch spots in Toronto to cure your St. Paddy’s day hangover

Sure, pancakes and waffles are great, but if you’re looking for a cure from a gnarly hangover, (and a real morning feast) a full Irish breakfast is a must. The hearty meal was created for farmers to keep them fuelled for the day, and it comes loaded with protein and regional favourites. Expect a selection of breakfast meats, including bangers and rashers (sausage and bacon),as well as eggs, mushrooms and a generous helping of baked beans.

Here are three brunch spots in Toronto to cure your St. Paddy’s day hangover.

The George Street Diner

The George Street Diner’s fry-up includes freshly baked soda bread — aptly named as its made with baking soda instead of yeast. Also included in the “ultimate Irish breakfast”:two free-range eggs cooked to your liking, 2 sausage, roasted Belfast ham, two pieces of bacon, Irish-style fresh cut fries, baked beans, seared tomato, sautéed onions and house marinated mushrooms. 129 George St.

Stout Irish Pub

At this Cabbagetown haunt, along with all the traditional breakfast fixins’ a duo of black and white pudding is on offer. Referred to as drisheen in Ireland, black pudding is a blood sausage made with pork blood and fate, cereal or oats wand herbs, whereas white is similar but without the blood. 221 Carlton St.

Tara Inn

Long-time Irish pub Tara Inn’s full Irish includes centuries-old quintessential Irish sausage —the banger.  Made with lean and fat pork that’s ground and tossed with herbs and spices, it’s then encased in hog casing and packs a hearty punch. The meal also comes with grilled Guinness brown bread, potato scone and is sure to be the only meal you need for the day! 2365 Kingston Rd.

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