2011 Provincial Elections – Beyond the bafflegab

The doubletalk and attack ads are in full swing, and that can only mean on thing: it’s election season. We look beyond the facts and figures to offer fresh insight into this October’s provincial election by analyzing the party leaders’ faces, handwriting and body language not to mention calling in a psychic


Facial recognition: Garth Riley, author of The Face Factor

Body language: Marcel Danesi, U of T pop culture semiotician

Handwriting analysis: Elaine Charal, graphologist

Psychic prediction: Tara Greene, astrologer and intuitive



dalton's signature

Facial recognition: His hairstyle indicates he has a bit of a rebel attitude. The straightness of his eyebrows indicates he is a “Yes or No” thinker. His deep-set eyes reveal that he takes his time when gathering information. His nose indicates he can stand up to critical questioning.

Body language: He’s very composed. He’s got a stone face and he exudes confidence through his eyes. But his lips tremble once in a while. If your mouth says different things from your eyes, it creates a discrepancy: a discrepancy that we pick up on.

Handwriting analysis: The first initial of Dalton’s name is encircled, indicating he will edit his words to omit uncomfortable details. His umbrella-like “T-bar” in his first name and family name indicate strong self-discipline and control. The deep v- wedges in the capital “M” of his family name indicates strong analytical ability.

Psychic prediction: He is actually quite a heartfelt person. He is very intelligent and he really knows the issues. But the Liberals have suffered a huge setback since the last federal election. He is under some good aspects astrologically, but I don’t think he will be re-elected.



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Facial recognition: Her oval face shape indicates a sensitivity and nurturing approach to life. Her forehead shows she can pick up on concepts with noticeable speed. Her chin is a bit forward, which means a “take it on the chin” attitude — she can stand toe to toe and take a hit if need be.

Body language: If you listen to her, she’s got the best ideas. But when people look at her body, they’re thinking, “Show me more.” Sometimes a problem with women is they’re conscious of their body parts; their body language can be more reserved.

Handwriting analysis: The tie-loop in the “A” of her first name and the “H” of her family name indicates persistence. The greek “E” leaning against the “R” in “Andrea” indicates a love of learning and challenge and a need for harmony. The circling around her family name acts as a shield around her family life.

Psychic prediction: She seems inexperienced but sincere. With the sad passing of Jack Layton as federal NDP leader, she will benefit from the sentimental vote. It is women’s time to gain more power politically. My initial intuition was that she will make huge inroads in this election.



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Facial recognition: His face shape is more pronounced in the mid- cheekbone area, indicating his determination to be seen and heard. His “M” shaped hairline means he will make decisions by analyzing and then checking in with how he feels and then analyzing again.

Body language: He’s got it down pat, doesn’t he? He’s a nice-looking man. He’s got very strong shoulders. Hudak will look right through the TV screen and will look at you. That presents trust — people say, “You’re looking at me. I trust you.”

Handwriting analysis: His high capital letters indicate he is a true-born leader. His signature moves up on his page, indicating his optimism and positive mental attitude. His “T-bar” in his first initial also moves up on his page, further indicating optimism. The strokes in the “D” and “K” of his family name suggest strong-mindedness.

Psychic prediction: I sense he has a lot going for him. He is very focused, extremely hard-working, very intelligent and will not quit if he is on the case. He has an quiet strength and thinks outside the box for a Conservative. Election day is quite opportune for him as Jupiter is moving in, opposing his Scorpio sun and Mercury. I believe he will win.



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Facial recognition: His face is both rectangular and oval, showing he has a great ability to be creative. His eyebrows slant to the outside, indicating that he is an empathetic listener. His cheeks show that he has an ability to work like the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going.

Body language: He’s really going at it, pumping his fist out in front of him, saying, “Believe me, I’m good.” He’s trying to tell you, “Follow me. I have a cause, and we have to win it together.” He is rallying a cause, and his body language says he is going to do it.

Handwriting analysis: The downhill direction of his signature, together with the formless breaking down of the letters in his family name indicate he has an intense need to be recognized. The very tall “M” in “Mike” indicates he is on board for what he believes in and nothing else. The retracing in the “K” and “H” indicates he is not a risk taker.

Psychic prediction: He really is truly a future-oriented thinker. Mike really embodies those ideals of innovation, radical change and using new technological energies. He is under difficult astrology transits at the time of the election. His political life is about to change big time. He must stay very flexible.

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