10 things Taylor Swift-approved designer Ellie Mae can’t live without

Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Bella Hadid have worn Ellie Mae Waters’s designs from her popular brand Ellie Mae Studios before. But nothing compares to when Taylor Swift herself wore a sweatshirt Waters had personally sourced as part of the brand’s growing vintage collection. The pop star sported the Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt at her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s football game, prompting a huge spike in visitors to the brand’s website as fans scrambled to buy their vintage from the same place Swift buys hers. Here, Waters shares with us the 10 things she can’t live without.

1. Corpus Body Wash – Third Rose, from the Health Hut

Courtesy shophealthhut.com

“This is such a nice clean and fresh body wash. After I bought one bottle my fiancé stole most of it! So now we share and buy multiple at a time. I love everything that Health Hut sells.”

2. LMNT electrolytes, from Drink LMNT

Courtesy drinklmnt.com

“I am a huge water drinker, but I learned that I need to incorporate electrolytes to make sure I’m getting all the benefits. I love the flavours of these and I love their very simple, clean ingredients.”

3. Flowers, from Adam and Davis


“They do our display window at our store up in Summerhill, and they do the most amazing job. We have also done Mother’s Day pop-ups with them and absolutely love their bouquets.”

4. Acupuncture, from Peridot Wellness


“I see Meagan; she is amazing at fixing any kind of pain. I love acupuncture for many reasons, and they do it all there. Try an acupuncture facial! The results are great.”

5. Chicken bone broth, from Pop Health

Courtesy pophealthbar.com

“They have the best bone broth in the city. She makes it from scratch with all organic ingredients. It has saved me so many times when I have been sick. Everyone at the office drinks it. It is amazing for gut health!”

6. Spaghetti alla carbonara, from Ascari Enoteca in Leslieville


“I love this restaurant. The food is amazing and so fresh. The carbonara is perfection, and it is where I go whenever I have a craving for Italian food.”

7. Smack Dog Food, from The Dog Bowl

Courtesy thedogbowl.ca

“We have two French Bulldogs and a Golden Retriever, and we get all of their food from here.  The Frenchies have extremely sensitive skin and we have found while feeding them this food, they have never developed an allergy. It is pricey but they are three years old and have no skin issues. They love it!”

8. Chicken wings, from Miku

“I love chicken wings. Miku is my favourite sushi in the city, but they also do my most favourite chicken wing. You can only order them on Uber Eats and they are worth it! Just pop them in your air fryer or oven for that extra crisp when they arrive.”

9. Mooala almond milk, from Natura Market

Courtesy shop.mooala.com

“It is so hard to find clean almond milk because so many are filled with so much unnecessary junk. This one only has four ingredients, and it is very tasty.”

10. Cozy knits and vintage tees, from Ellie Mae Studios

Ellie Mae Fall/Winter 2023 knit with a green and yellow pattern

“I may be biased but I’m obsessed with how soft our knits are. They are my go-to every day in the fall for an effortless look. If you are looking for a different look, we have amazing, rare vintage tees and sweaters!”

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