10 grilling & BBQ safety tips

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After a long wait, BBQ season is finally here! Get ready to enjoy those beautiful backyard evenings with your family and friends responsibly this summer, but make sure you do it safely as firing up the BBQ doesn’t come without its own set of risks. Jeremy Diamond at personal injury law firm, Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, shares ten essential tips to ensure you stay safe while grilling up those beautiful summer meals for your family and friends.

1. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

Always keep a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place whenever your grill is in use. You never know when the flames could get out of control, so it’s best to have an extinguisher to your grill as close as safely possible.

2. Always Secure Your Grill

Grills aren’t cheap and replacing one is a hassle. When yours isn’t in use, always lock it up to deter thieves. If your children share your outdoor space, this is especially important to keep them safe as well.

3. Always Turn Off Your BBQ When It’s Not in Use

Keeping your grill fully turned off can help you to dramatically reduce the risk of fire hazard or injuries.

4. Only Grill in a Clutter-Free Zone

Keep your BBQ away from other flammables and things that could burn or melt if the flames from your grill got out of hand.

5. Turn Off Propane or Gas After Use

If you have a propane or gas BBQ, you should ensure that the propane or gas line is completely turned off when you’ve finished grilling to prevent potential leaks.

6. Invest in a Decent Bristle Brush

Cheap brushes can shed bristles, which can find their way into your food. Avoid this risk and invest in a quality bristle brush that stays intact.

7. Keep a Close Eye on Your Surroundings

When using your grill, make sure to keep a close eye on children, pets, guests and other family members who are nearby. Failure to do so could result in accident or injury to one of the people you love the most.

8. Keep a Spray Bottle of Water on Hand

A spray bottle of water can help you to manage flames that jump above your grill. It can help you to keep things under control and avoid the likelihood of life-changing burns.

9. Keep Your Grill Clean

By regularly cleaning your BBQ, you can prevent a build-up of bacteria, mold, and old food. Keeping things clean is a vital part of grill maintenance and will help extend the lifespan of your BBQ.

10. Ensure All Food is Fully Cooked Before Eating

Checking food is cooked all the way through can help you to avoid food poisoning. While some food can be enjoyed a little on the rare side, foods such as chicken need to be cooked thoroughly.

Following this short guide will help you to enjoy the warmer months and ensure that your BBQ is a roaring success. Stay safe at the grill and you’ll ensure your summer is free from drama and disappointment and full of fantastic food and fun.

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