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Top 10 Toronto comedy podcasts just when we need a laugh

Toronto is home to the funniest people in the country, many of whom have taken to podcasting to get their humourous messages out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are 10 of our favourite comedy podcasts to check out:

Tony Ho

Award-winning sketch comedy troupe Tony Ho just dropped season two of their comedy podcast.

The Insomnia Project 

Marco Timpano helps you fall into a blissful slumber with his 26-minute conversations with interesting people talking about boring things.

One More Round with Tricia Black 

This weekly chat with Second City’s Tricia Black is the only podcast that’s like an East Coast kitchen party except the kitchen is a studio and the conversation is the party!

Sunday Best Comedy Podcast

Hosts Tamara Shevon and Fanny Arkay share experiences and stories and get advice from (mainly) Kanye West about what they should have done in their situations!

The Regulars Podcast

The Regulars is hosted by comedians and best friends Stacey McGunnigle and Jason DeRosse, both are Second City alumni.

Dwarven Moss

A Dungeons & Dragons podcast created by Kris Siddiqi (Bit Playas), Jay McCarrol (Nirvanna the Band the Show) and introducing Tom Hodgins as The Dungeon Master.

The Seánpod

Hosted by comedian Seán Cullen, the Seánpod is “a feast of rambling silliness” with music, special guests and Seán’s impromptu radio theatre.


Marie Adoranti and Nicolina Savelli host a weekly entertainment comedy podcast sharing stories of their ghostly experiences.

Killed to Death 

Killed to Death, hosted by Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke, is an improvised true crime podcast. Every week, one case is analyzed and solved with the help of a guest.

All Good with Juliana Rodrigues 

Comedian Juliana Rodrigues chats with guests to discuss how setbacks in their mental health have propelled them to be the creative forces they are today.

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