Top midtown Toronto dispensaries for celebrating 420

Although 420 has lost some of its counter-culture glamour since legalization, it is still a fun day to celebrate the simple pleasures of cannabis, if that’s your bag. To that end, here’s our list of the top dispensaries in midtown Toronto for all your celebratory needs.

Superette, 1073 Yonge St.

With a location in the downtown core in addition to their midtown outpost, Superette offers a traditional retail experience as well as an online store, bringing comfort and ease to cannabis (and merch) shopping. The dispensary offers a wide array of cannabis flavours and, as an added bonus, the brand gives back to the community: Superette hosts in-store food drives, plants fruits and vegetables on the company farm, and offers staff time to local food banks, helping to sort non-perishable items. And, 70% of the company’s employees identify as women, creating an inclusive backdrop to one of the most immersive and fun dispensaries in the industry.

CanaCulture Cannabis Store, 914 Eglinton Ave. W.

Owned and operated by entrepreneur Zain Jaffery, CanaCulture was born during the pandemic and strives to offer the best cannabis experience for its customers. The dispensary offers high-quality cannabis and accessories, and seeks to cultivate a community of knowledge through customer service and industry understanding. The store is colourful and bright, designed to be inviting and encouraging for customers to explore.

Hi Class Cannabis, 527 Eglinton Ave. W.

Robert Cirasella and Kevin De Sousa have been friends since they were six, and Hi Class cannabis is their, ahem, joint business venture. Known for their cannabis banana bread, Hi Class was the first cannabis shop to open in midtown. Cirasella has a decade in the industry under his belt, and De Sousa’s Fortune 500 experience helps him manage the company’s day-to-day operations. Established in 2019, they opened a brick-and-mortar location during the pandemic and offer a wide range of cannabis products and accessories, available with same-day delivery. Complete with a neutral palette, exposed beams and clean lines (and, of course, green accents), the storefront is designed with modern shopping in mind.

Cannabis on Bloor, 407 Bloor St. E.

Minimalist design is the name of the game at Cannabis on Bloor, where products are stocked on industrial metal shelves and surrounded by framed, brightly coloured product ads. Offering accessories and goodies like bath bombs, edibles, concentrates and more, Cannabis on Bloor organizes their website in order to offer up the most popular products and staff picks front and centre — though shopping by brand is also an option. Simplicity is key at this dispensary, and it rings through the brand’s design, website and philosophy.

Dolly’s Cannabis, 1105 Bathurst St.

Dolly’s offers a large premium selection both online and in-store, covering hash, vaporizers, topicals, flower, rosin and edibles. The company also carries a line of accessories, including humidifying stones, flavoured rolling papers, and more in order to optimize the cannabis experience. Named after a woman who inspires the inclusive, healing philosophy that resonates throughout Dolly’s, this one-off midtown dispensary promises friendly service and a community intended to promote and encourage the healing powers of cannabis.

Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 2103 Yonge St.

This cannabis company was the first to legally open its doors in the city of Toronto. Now, with locations across the GTA, the Hunny Pot offers products like oils, concentrates, extracts and capsules as well as traditional offerings like edibles, flowers and pre-rolls. The company also sells their own line of merch and branded accessories. Delivery of the extensive menu is available throughout the GTA and, in many cases, same-day delivery is available, too. Each store is designed with honeycomb details and faux-grass walls, evoking a beehive vibe. Details like murals and graffiti walls tailored to each location across the GTA help add personality to each location, but come together to create an upscale, approachable vibe that’s certainly design-forward. The Hunny Pot has some famous fans, too, including Sean Paul.

Tokyo Smoke, 21 Bloor St. E.

This dispensary chain is one of the largest in the country with 30 locations in the province, as well as outposts in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Shoppers can browse the online selection by intent, and check out guides for activities and moods. Education is paramount at Tokyo Smoke, with their website offering an in-depth look at a variety of products, accessories and strains to help customers make an informed decision about each purchase. In addition to the usual product offerings, extracts, topicals sprays and beverages are available for purchase online and in-store. The newly launched click-and-collect service for customers is COVID-friendly and helps reduce the amount of time customers spend in-store.

Hemisphere Cannabis Co., 518 Eglinton Ave. W.

Through knowledgeable budtenders and stores with a cool, inviting vibe (complete with moody lighting from chandeliers, printed wallpaper and gleaming wood floors),  Hemisphere Cannabis aims to guide customers through every kind of cannabis experience — be it for the first time, the first time in a long time, or the first time today. The brick-and-mortar outposts organize their products based on the intended feeling, from cultivating peace and relaxation to inspiring creativity and connection. The company even offers a guidebook to help customers navigate their cannabis experience, allowing them to shop based on what they’re looking for. The dispensary chain is operated by Second Cup’s parent company, Aegis Brands, and there are various locations across the city.

Ameri, 306 Eglinton Ave. W.

A small, family-owned business, Ameri was one of the first dispensaries approved to open a retail location in the city. Focusing on the science-based part of cannabis use, staff are students or graduates of the cannabis program at the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences. Their first location in Yorkville was so successful that the company opened two more locations in the city, including a midtown outpost on Eglinton West. Sniffing jars sit on counters in front of cannabis-themed decals but prices start at $12 a gram, making it a bit more expensive than other locations.

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